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Mio Metals. Inc

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975 Transport Way, Suite 1
Petaluma, CA 94954

(707) 762-5530

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Founded 2004

Mio Metals make countertops, bar tops, tables, shelves, surfaces, wall panels, and bar fronts made out of brass. For more than 30 years innovative metal works has been our business and making brass countertops, brass tabletops, brass sinks, and brass shelves is something that comes naturally to us. As a countertop material, brass is unique in looks and lasts a long time in residential kitchens, commercial bars, or just the occasionally used basement bar. At Mio Metals, we laminate sheet brass to a wood substrate to form our brass countertops. We are known for the amount of detailing we invest on our brass products, especially the unique edge details. Apart from counterparts we also make brass tabletops for restaurants, bars, and cafes. We price these standard sized tables for competitive prices and also take orders of full size, custom dining tables. Brass sinks is another major product of ours, sinks that look classic because of bronze, continuously changing their finish over time. Double bowl, drain boards, and apron fronts are available under Mio Metals brass sinks. In addition to countertops, bar tops, tables, and sinks, we also manufacture brass shelves that are up to 15 feet long, easy to install and come with patinas that create a vintage look for the shelf. For more, visit and