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Grapevine Dental

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1015 W Wall St
Grapevine, TX 76051

(817) 612-3603

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Founded 2007

Our business specializes in providing quality general dentistry. Dr. Colangelo accepts nothing but perfection for his patients no matter what procedure is being performed. He truly believe that it is his duty to have the patient leave with a beautiful smile on their face. His only goal is building the faith and trust of his patients. Grapevine Dental was actually one of the first dental practices in Grapevine. In 2007, Dr. Colangelo bought the practice from the previous dentist and went about creating a dental practice that could be what he dreamed of since he was a child. Dr. Colangelo believes in providing what we here at the business like to call "traditional" dentistry. This is a dentist office where you won't be left waiting around, where the staff is friendly and helpful, and the doctor is caring and trustworthy.