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Fat Hackers

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4665 southwest fwy
Houston, TX 77027

(832) 413-2526

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Founded 2009

Fat Hackers is an established organization that has helped scores of people lose weight and gain perfect bodies. Always at the forefront of technology our innovation is unmatched. All our procedures and products have been repeatedly tested and certified to give you only the best. We have a huge team of highly motivated and licensed professionals who will walk with you through your weight loss journey. For us, our relationship with you goes beyond just the normal client-doctor relationship. To us, we are equal partners and guides who work hand-in-hand with you to create personalized solutions and achieve your goals.

About US:

Your favorite detox, weight loss, and massage service fathackers just expanded her services to include detox massage and based on your past patronage and unwavering support and feedback, you are being offered this new addition to our services.

We hope you are as delighted about this news as we are because on the unending list of benefits this service would give you, some of which include: improved appearance of your already smooth skin, improved posture/posture correction, better relaxed muscles with reduced stress and depression, increased flexibility and motion, among many others.

The session entails an elaborate two stage process of dry brushing essential oils and then infrared sauna, each for a dedicated 45 minutes that would leave you better off than 90 minutes before the process began. Given the numerous benefits listed above, it is arguably going to be one of the best 90 minutes you could invest in yourself and we cannot wait to have you try it out in order to also enjoy the immense excitement and enthusiasm that this service brings to those that have given it a try.

We really hope you contact us by replying this mail as soon as possible to book your appointment and let us take care of the rest.

Kind regards.

The Shandry Team.