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San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning

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4535 Fredericksburg Rd #10
San Antonio, TX 78201

(210) 944-4984

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According to the 2018 census, the population of San Antonio, Texas is over one million five hundred people. That is a lot of mouths to feed and that is why we started San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning. We have been proudly working with commercial kitchen owners/managers since 2017. Our team of professionals are also people who patronize many of these businesses. We know the importance of keeping a commercial kitchen exhaust system clean and performing at its best. If a commercial exhaust system is not cleaned on a regular basis a lot of things can go wrong. The filters need to be either replaced or pressure washed to be sure there are no area where it is clogged. The fans need to be free of grease build-up as it can affect the performance and become unbalanced. This could cause noise and worse, yet it could break the fan. For most restaurants, a hood cleaning should be done once a quarter for maximum benefit.