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Advanced Spine and Posture

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3097 29th St. SE Suite B
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

(616) 741-2232

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Grand Rapids Chiropractor we work with patients to improve their posture. Our dedicated chiropractic team uses only the most advanced technology to get you the results you deserve. We offer chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, Chiropractic traction, Denneroll treatment, Neck Adjustments, Hip adjustments, posture adjustments, back adjustments, Scoliosis bracing and orthotics. Our Chiropractic office located in Grand Rapids MI is not like any other office currently in the state. We offer a full service complete with a medical director to give your patients physical therapy right here in the office with our very own physical therapy staff. We offer digital x-rays complete with advanced technology for measuring out the spine. This software will compare our patient's spine to that of the perfect spine and visually show you what Chiropractic care you need. We combine Chiropractic adjustments with traction and physical therapy. Some patients will need a medical massage to loosen the muscles around the bones. Everyone gets their own treatment plan. This office was opened in 2018 we work with back pain, neck pain, bulging discs, text neck, and auto accident cases. Our office runs by the CBP Chiropractic model that allows us to better serve our patients. This advanced technology is backed up by studies and the mathematics behind each adjustment. Our services are the best around. We can actually measure and show you proof of what our Chiropractic and Physical Therapy services are doing. That is why this is the perfect office for Auto Accident cases. We take all major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. If you want answers and are tired of back, neck or body pain, give us a call. Our office always looks at the overall body structure. This is your posture, and many people have a crooked posture and don't even realize it. Our goal is to get that posture back to where it is meant to be. We offer booking online as well!

Hours Monday to Friday 9Am-1PM 2nd Hours 3PM-6PM